Light weight Faux Brick PU Panel
PU Brick Panel: 1200*645*26mm
Weight: 3.1kg

Traditional culture bricks need a piece of mud to make walls, the next day in the filling repair, labor time, while worried about falling to hurt family, PU culture bricks to adopt plate design, can be installed quickly, effective save time, each piece of cultural bricks are artificial color, and then work with multi-layer paint, modeling three-dimensional lifelike, colorful, and diverse styles.

1 Weather-resistant good

PU Culture Brick is a unique polyurethane formula, is a lightweight cultural bricks, and through the UV-resistant paint and other elements of durability testing, you do not have to worry about climate change (high and low temperature, sunny, rainy days) to make the product deterioration.

2 Easy to install

Product design for the card groove structure, leaving the tongue side, do not need any binder, only screws, nails can be. Pu culture stone for large size plate design, rapid installation, no training, anyone can easily install.

3 Multi-functional

PU Culture stone can be constructed at your home or workplace: window sill, porch pillars, parapet panels, interior fireplace decoration, TV wall, porch wall, all or part of the wall version, any wall can use PU culture stone.

4 Low Maintenance

PU Culture stone does not require additional maintenance procedures, we do not need external and I paint or road waterproof paint has a beautiful waterproof function. As long as the construction outside the occasional water pipe or squirt can be kept clean.

5 True 3D appearance

The use of polyurethane compression molding, exactly like real stone, is the market simulation of high wall decoration building materials

6 Cost-effectiveness

The following works are compared to traditional cultural stone: wall hair, brick, fill, waiting for cement drying time, need 5-7 working days, general residential or commercial space Installation PU culture stone only need 1-2 days, can save time for your day, the construction brings messy and money.

7 Environmental protection and energy saving,

Each PU culture stone has 12CM thickness insulation material R value, R-value refers to the heat conduction ability, uses in the construction wall material.

Pu culture slate is a feature that can help save energy costs and naturally reduce heating and cooling costs.

8 Safe

PU culture stone using lightweight materials

Light weight Faux Brick PU Panel

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