Hanergy's triple arch solar tile
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Summary:Hanergy's triple arch solar tile

On July 29, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd. (00566.HK) released a new thin-film solar product "Hantile" in Beijing. The new product integrates Hanergy's world-leading flexible thin-film solar chip with roofing material, capable of efficient power generation with high safety level, a perfect fit for current aesthetic modern architectural design. As an upgrade to current distributed solar products and traditional roof tiles in the market, the "Hantile" possesses promising prospects, and its large-scale promotion will surely contribute greatly to the replacement of clean energy.

Hanergy's triple arch solar tile

The Hantile, using laminated packaging technology, encapsulates a thin, light, flexible and efficient CIGS thin-film solar chip into ultra-clear float glass that not only able to maximize solar chip's conversion rate but fulfilling architectural aesthetic demands at the same time. Data shows that the current average conversion rate of the Hanergy's flexible thin-film chips used by the Hantile is 16.5% at the manufacturing level, such rate is expected to rise to 17.5% by end of the year, and such consistent growth is expected at the future.

According to data from the China Bricks & Tiles Industrial Association, in 2016, 1.01 billion m2 of tiles were sold. The market is still expanding with an annual speed of about 20%. According to the current price of the Hantile, the potential domestic market is estimated to be 1.4 trillion yuan annually. As for the global market, it is at least two times as big as China's market, bringing its potential market scale up to 2.8 trillion yuan.

The size of solar tile is :709mm*500mm*41mm,weight:9.5~10.5kg, and the unit price is ¥1390/m2 ($19.25/ft2).Compared with traditional roof tiles,this cost is not competitive,consumers will calculate their own investment and benefits before making final decisions.

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