Advantages of stone coated steel roofing sheets
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Summary:Advantages of stone coated steel roofing sheets
1.Beautiful appearance---has the texture of nature stone and strong three-dimension sense and various color and types which will be helpful for the decoration and make the constructions look graceful;.

2.Long service life---the use of high-strength,wear-proof and anti-rust aluminium coated zinc plate can increase anti-rust performance by 6 times.The surface using weather resistant nature color sand or dyed nature sand and high quality water craft Acrylic Resin and the service life can be as long as 50 years.

3.Light weight---the weight is just 1 eighth of the clay tiles and cement tiles which will reduce the construction load and cut the project budget.Morever,the tiles construction can be repeated on the same original roof and it is easy to transport and install.

4.Easy construction---the tiles can be easily bent or cut for instaiiation and the construction will not be suspended even in low temperature.

5.Energy-saving and environment friendly--the heat radiation rate is 1.4-7 times of that of ordinary roof materials, which will be energy saving and environment friendly and does no harm to people and environment. Morever, the tiles are recyclable.    

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