Great Potential Market in Housing Industry
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Summary:Great Potential Market in Housing Industry
It is reported that there is an extensive market in housing industry with the wide integration of thousands of products and business in building construction and consumption.

In the next 20 years, urbanization in China will keep steady improvement and by 2030 the number will be over 70% including more than 0.3 billion newly added population in the town. The data is showed in related document declared by UN.  

And the demand is forecasted to amount to 120 billion square meters for the 52 billion market requirements of the newly added population and 68 billion of the current population in the next decade, which is the 12 time of 2011 national commercial residential housing area.

The Manager of modern construction company of the Yatai Group said, it comes to a stage of supply falls short of demands in the housing industry of Shenyang city. And next year is expected that the projects of House Protection covering 15000 square meters will be carried into effects. 

Compared with the housing industry rate of American and Japanese which is respectively 70% and 80%, it is just 15% in China.
Mr Xiong Cheng, the chief engineer of Shanghai Urban Construction Group states, “We get a large number of technology investments in the research of housing industrialization and we also hope to reach over 10 billion during 3 or 5years to promote the development of housing industry.”

Currently, many areas such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin and ect, all launched a series of economic 
investment. For example, Beijing put up with awarded 3% of building space on each building industrial house project.
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