ASA for Synthetic Resin Tile
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Summary:Characteristic of ASA

ASA color co extruded material has been widely used in ASA synthetic resin tile industry, with its excellent weatherability, excellent decorative and prolonged exposure to UV, moisture, hot and cold harsh environments can still maintain the stability of the color and physical properties. It has been successfully applied to the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games and other key projects, has made an important positive contribution to energy-saving and emission reduction for local cities.



Product Features:

1.ASA color co extrusion material has more color choices, bright, long lasting color, no obvious color difference;

2.Surface coverage uniformity and stable, more than 7000 square meters tiles can be produced by one ton ASA color co extrusion material; the use of replacement in the selection of pure PVC tile project, 10000 square meters of production to be realized, so as to solve the pure PVC tile use of discoloration, powder, crisp cracking risk, and effectively control the cost;

3.Gross, matte, metallic effects surfaces are available.


Characteristic of ASA:

1.ASA is a kind of ternary polymer, which is made of acrylonitrile resin, styrene and acrylic acid. It has excellent weather resistance, so it is the best choice for outdoor building materials.

2.ASA successfully applied for the patent of new engineering plastic as an advanced technological invention in 1992, and applied in the market in 1996.

3.ASA has the advantages of lasting color, stable performance, saving cost and so on, so that the market demand of ASA is increasing day by day.

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