Notice of Stone Coated Metal Roof Installation
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Summary:Notice of Stone Coated Metal Roof Installation

1.      Check and make sure of flatness of the roof before installation;

2.      Prepare the 40mm*40mm antiseptic Counter Battens, make the distance of 750mm;

3.      Prepare the 40mm*40mm antiseptic Tile Battens, make the first top distance 345mm, the middle distance 370mm, the last bottom distance less than 365mm;

4.      Make sure the Tile Battens lay on the Ridge well organized, and keep the Eave straight;

5.      Use 5 nails to fasten the main tiles on each side of flat-back ridge, use 3 nails on each side of round-back ridge;

6.      Use the 52mm Galvanized steel nail to fasten metal roof, when the nail enters 8-12mm, then change the special nail (8-10mm diameter) to avoid the damage of surface;

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